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Your automatic back-office.

We’ve got your back from launch to exit. 







Dynamic Pricing:

Fits any budget at any stage of growth.

Experienced Professionals:

CPAs, Attorneys, Finance and HR Generalists.

Complete Solution:

Up & to the right never felt better.



Your time is money, so don’t waste it on paying your people and suppliers yourself. We’ll make sure it’s done right the first time by fulfilling your immediate needs, while also laying the important groundwork that’ll benefit you down the line.


Cash Management

Payroll & Benefits

Monthly Advisory

Office Essentials

Accounting. Cash management. Payroll & Benefits. Monthly Advisory. 

Office Finance

Forecasting/Budgeting. Stock Administration. Investor Relations. 409A Valuations.

Office Ops

Corporate Governance. Contracts. IP & Security Protection. Document Management.

Office HR

Employee On/Off-Boarding. HR & Benefits Mgmt. Policies & Procedures. On-Call HR.

Office Tax

Fed & State Income Tax. Local Tax/Registrations. Sales/Use Tax. Form 1099/3921s. 

Office Starter

OfficeEssentials Lite. Tax Checklists. Partner Network. Quarterly Advisory.


Financial Modeling

Investor Relations

409A Valuations


Just because we’re fluent in Excel doesn’t mean you need to be. Let us help you reach your growth milestones through strategic advisory and powerful reporting that’ll impress your investors.



Everyday questions around legal and compliance are common for business owners, but successful ones get answers quicker. Let us assist with those recurring compliance and operational needs, and as concerns and legal bills plummet, your core business will take off.

Corporate Governance


IP & Security Protection

Stock Administration

Employee On/Off-Boarding

HR & Benefits Mgmt

Policies & Procedures

On-Call HR



Building a unique company culture while maintaining compliance and mitigating exposure becomes an increasingly complicated balancing act over time. Let us bring you peace of mind as you expand your all-star team.



It takes 3 letters to spell so don’t let tax be a 4-letter word. We deal with the IRS so you can focus on what matters most.

Fed & State Income Tax

Local Tax/Registrations

Sales/Use Tax

Form 1099/3921s

OfficeEssentials Lite

Tax Checklists

Partner Network

Quarterly Advisory



This package was designed with the bootstrapped startup founder and small business owner in mind— offering the fundamental back-office tools and services at a fixed monthly fee.

*You can even put the legal and operational setup of your new business on autopilot with our Formation add-on!

About Us

As entrepreneurs, we saw the need for an affordable, comprehensive and flexible business management solution that can help companies succeed. We built Officengine to solve this problem.

Jason Rodrigues

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Hilton

COO & Co-Founder

Join Us!

Jason Rodrigues
CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Hilton
COO & Co-Founder

Join Us!

Jason Rodrigues
CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Hilton
COO & Co-Founder

Join Us!